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Whilst some have labelled fashion as… at times shallow and pretentious, Largerfield’s ‘protest presentation’ (Chanel Spring Summer 2015, Paris) has shed light on the many issues the modern woman faces and sparked discussions about feminism and gender inequality. This is the 21st century! One might think that gender inequality is such an absurd topic to raise. However, the recent events and news tell otherwise: Satya Nadella-CEO of Microsoft said at the Grace Hopper Conference “It’s not really about asking for the raise, but knowing, and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along….That, I think, might be one of the additional superpowers that, quite frankly, women who don’t ask for a raise have. Because that’s good karma. It’ll come back! Because somebody’s gonna know, ‘That’s the kind of person that I want to trust. That’s the kind of person that I want to really give more responsibility to.’ And in the long-term efficiency, things catch up!”  I was literally gawking when I read this online !

And to add ; the Only – Men UN conference on gender equality held in Iceland. Women were barred from even discussing gender equality issues at the UN conference!
This is the 21st century where feminism is ‘cool’ and promoted by several A-list celebrities. What we really need is not a billboard but real, deeper actions. Our voices still need to be heard; from our work places to our homes. Each and every situation is an opportunity for gender equality. It should be He for Her and Her for Him.
What are your thoughts on this? Do share! :)

Illustration of the Chanel Show. Models wearing Givenchy and Stella McCartney SS’15 (Pen and Ink – Colored with Photoshop)
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fashion protest Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Paris Fashion illustration



An old tale of Ying and Yang

Fashion most of the time, as we see it on the runway or in magazine editorials, have no personal connectivity with what the ‘real’ person wants or will wear in a ‘real’ situation. Just the way, we argue about the unattainable cellulite-free barbie-esque figures and the airbrushed alabaster skin of the models printed on the glossy covers of Vogue or Elle; it is impossible to convince ourselves that a sheer black sequined Louis Vuitton top would look as amazing on us as it did on Rihanna. The point is, that the fashion statements made on the runway models, magazines should not dictate what we should wear, instead we can mix and style different trends and clothing to show who we are or what we are feeling at the moment. As for myself, I always go with what my mood dictates.  Although, this concept can be deceptive and can easily  misguide one – for when it comes to formal occasions I believe that one must be dressed properly to befit the occasion (in some cultures it is considered rude to be ill-dressed!  :-O  ! ) 

So what did my ever-so-fluctuating mood conjure me to style this month? Here’s a mood board of my style inspirations: FKA Twigs, Grunge, punk black and white, lisa bonet, chokers and the 90′s! All photos are copyright of FAMUSHU and must not be used in any way without the prior written permission from FAMUSHU! 

mood board






Tribal Queen!

It’s been quite a while since I posted ! So what better way to start than with a fashion illo! ;) I will be posting about the current trends soon ! Hint: pants! ;) Alors, this illustration was inspired by ethnic tribes of Africa and Amazon. She embodies the grace and power of a cheetah sprinting across the Savanna. Her feminine body elegantly moves to the tribal beats and the harmonious tunes of the amazon jungle.
Hope you will enjoy this one, as much as I did making it!
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Not Just Another Referee!!

So here’s to one of those sleepless nights. A sketchy-sketch! The FIFA football craze is everywhere, so I thought I’ll make one football fueled pinup. She’s a naughty referee but nice when played fair! ;) Sketch is pencil on paper. No filters, no Ps ! Have a great day ahead football freaks!

referee girl
























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Hello Boys! Spring 2015 Fashion week

The ongoing men’s 2015 fashion week is a must see / must follow. I believe that the Maldivian men can take a hint or two from some of the collections. Despite their self proclaimed unparalleled style  they don’t seem to understand exactly how to dress – my skinny jeans post was meant to discuss the same issue. So a well dressed Maldivian male is a rare breed I say. Coming back to the fashion week held in London, some really exciting shows have been presented: Like DKNY, Astrid Anderson, MAN and Christopher Shannon. The models looking polished and groomed down to the toes and carrying that I-don’t-give-a-f*** look on the ramp is effective in giving the clothes the needed attitude, but in the end of the day we are dressing for men who don’t always stand 6 ft tall; but who vary in size, height, and age. So let’s fast forward to the trends spotted at the fashion week and maybe you could pick one that works for you?

Oversized tees!
So we’ve been seeing these over sized t-shirts with off the shoulder wide sleeves that fall down to the elbows. I believe they work for all men. But perhaps even more for the 19 to 30 year olds – If you pull it off right that is. Don’t go print crazy or bright color crazy. Try to create the balance of print and plain bright and neutral. One can never go wrong with those principles.  Tailored  pair of slim fit pants or board shorts go like bread and butter with over sized tees.


























Simply Stripes!
Yes, this has been going around for quite some time! But hey, the nature of trends is that every time it comes around it just shows a different more playful or sophisticated side. That being said, the striped designs delivered by the top brands ranged from classy b&w to cotton candy.  Astrid Anderson’s Japanese and Hip hop style infused designs are likely to sell like hot cakes in Japan and Korea. And what caught my eye was the black fringed sash with white stripes at its hem reminded me of the Maldivian traditional feyli which looks quite similar! Even the shorts with the white stripes is reminiscent of our traditional sarong.




















a5df7_monarchy_clothing_2670211903_6b0b88e8b0 copy


























Little mermaid surely would have been a favourite of many , that’s including you boys too! And who ever said cartoon printed outfits can’t be a man’s best friend is proven wrong by MAN’s designers. Bold close ups of Sebastian the crab and Ursula’s face were printed on neoprene long sleeved tops. They looked uber cool and fun.

_ARC0895.450x675 _ARC0926.450x675

























There were some garments that make you think Can it really work on anybody? And then when you think about the creative aspect it seems legit to some extent that you eventually picture it on someone like Kanye or Harry Styles.
Cut outs! Yes you read it right. Hard to believe but Christophe Shannon nailed it. Who could have thought that cut outs showing off bits of flesh could work for men. Shannon’s collage like colorful patchworks with zippers were reminiscent of Matisse’s modern artworks.

_ARC0341.450x675 _ARC0305.450x675





































I didn’t know what to make of J.W Anderson’s knitted tops with low necklines, showing the midriff. Was it a deliberate effort to apply feminine silhouettes / styles on men? Like masculine silhouettes are commonly styled for women. Or am I simply not getting what Anderson is projecting? Whatever it may be, I’ll leave it upto you guys to decide.


Cate Blanchett the Modern Warrior Queen at Cannes

Those of you following the Cannes festival red carpet might have already picked up your favorit looks. Marion Cotillard’s Maison Margiela dress made of several random objects (of course, placed in a very calculated manner) is one of the most recent dresses to have made the hit list. Then there’s Blake Lively (who always manages to avoid a fashion faux pas) Sonum Kapoor and new comer Kendall Jenner. But the one actress who shined brighter than the rest of the stars was Cate Blanchett ; who was at the premiere of How to Train a Dragon 2. There were three designer gowns she wore that I think were absolutely amazing.

look one copy


















The Givenchy gown with the embellished bustier and pleated black skirt was an impeccable choice for the premiere of her new movie How to Train a Dragon 2. The scaly reptillian dress definitely was a nod to the character ‘Valka’ she voiced. But better, it made her look like a modern warrior queen.

look two copy


















It’s hard to go wrong in an Armani dress. And Cate’s floor length Armani Prive couture dress was etheral.  The dress was simple yet sophisticated befitting an Oscar winning actress like Cate Blanchett. At the Chopard ceremony, she wore a statement necklace of the same brand. The entwining rose bud necklace was a spot on for the look I believe.

look three copy


















Looking stunning in a Valentino gown at the Chopard award ceremony, Cate wore bejewelled shrimp earrings that were chic and fun at the same time. The metallic embroidered dress with embellished collar and sleeves were definitely on trend yet very classic.

Who did you like? Which gown made your hit list?

Girl in Bloom

summer girlThis illustration, did not come out as I wanted to, but I thought I’ll share it with you all anyway. It’s rainy season again here in Maldives and it is quiet the opposite of the illustration here, which has a girl clad in a bikini. Though I’m pretty sure this is relatable to all those who are soaking up the summer sun!


I started off with rough sketches and then moved on to tracing the final pose onto watercolor paper and inked it with black. I will be uploading more work very soon. And if you want to get some illustrations done  - contact me here info@famushu(dot)com :) Have a great weekend ahead everyone!!

I’m Twisted Inside & Out!

So it’s been quiet a while since I posted here. Have been crazy busy working my back off on my beachwear designs. And while it’s never an easy road to score a satisfactory client base, I’m built to never-give-up! But how about you guys? What have you been up to? Whatever it is… I hope you all have been werking it fashionably! ;) Having said that here’s a new outfit post. (Long due though!) Some months ago (yes… long overdue!) I sew up a cream colored jersey top and had to document it with pictures (and of course a blog post) This piece is made to look like as if the fabric has been twisted loosely around one’s body. The twisted top is quite popular these days, and I believe is a versatile piece that can be worn to different occasions. It’s twisted at the front with a simple back and long sleeves. You can wear it with possibly any kind of jewelry, go for a boho look  if you like – with an eclectic mix of bangles and intricate cocktail rings. Pair it with a big hat on a sunny day (Ideal Coachella look ! ) wear it with jeans or denim shorts! Or a long simple skirt ! The possibilities are endless I believe! If you want to get one made then mail me here info@famushu(dot)com or simply try this style and let me know how you worked it! ;)

twisted atwistedbtwisted ctwisted d

Go Pastel!

The Oscars have definitely sealed the pastel trend of this year. It was as though a whole box of sugary sweet macarons from Laduree was rolling down the red carpet! Penelope Cruz, Camilla Alves and Jada Pinkett Smith looked graceful in soft blush-hued pinks. Lady Gaga surprised me, she didn’t pull off one of those popping-out-an-egg-alien or riding-on-a-human-horse stunts! While the star of the evening was definitely Lupita, in a blue pastel gown. She has already won the fashion crowd and now she’s got the Oscar’s gold man in her hands for the best supporting actress.  Pastel hues have been frequently spotted on the runways for a while and lately it has become a popular trend. Prabal Gurung’s recent spring summer show was dominated with pastel looks. There are a variety of hues to choose from, and it suits most skin colors and to most occasions.

images from here
article-2571620-1BFA806700000578-200_470x711 article-0-1BFB871100000578-542_634x872 article-2571652-1BFA1FE900000578-359_310x730 article-2571652-1BFBB04C00000578-517_310x713

Skinny Jeans Nightmare on the Streets of Male’! (Well…all around Maldives)

I’ve been longing to post on the local street style for quiet some time now. Alors! This time my observation is on the Maldivian men’s fashion, more specifically the ‘skinny jeans flock’.
It appears that our opposite sex has taken a great liking for skinny jeans; and that too: skinny jeans in bright shocking colors. The tight stretchable denim wrapped around their tiny wobbly little limbs like a second skin makes them look no less than the men from medieval times (a somewhat starved version of it as well). And believe me boys; that style should be left for the theatrics on stage! And while you are whizzing away on your ‘blades’ you look nothing close to cool. The skinny nightmare doesn’t end here; it prevails with the men preferring to pair their tight jeans with shirts printed with feminine floral motifs, unbuttoned up to their navels revealing a starved physique of just skin and bones; their hair either puffed up to an Afro, styled into spikes with strange looking mullet /tails of hair on the back of their heads or long frizzy and disheveled hair falling from their shoulders. They have also taken a great deal of effort to accessorize with chains around their wrists, silver necklaces and dangling earrings. I feel terribly sorry for those guys who go for this look.skinny jeans Maldives

However, halfway through my denial of this trend I am trying to empathize and understand exactly why they prefer to go for such a radical look that does not appeal the least. Men have a few style options and looks they could go for compared to women. They cannot play with colors like us or work a short skirt (for the straights at least) unlike us who can work the masculine look (of a pair of suit and pants) and still look ultra powerful. Perhaps our Maldivian male counterparts have joined their ‘fashion forces’ to work a look that challenges the street style of Maldives: To stand out from the crowd and perhaps to create a unique kind of cool?

But should guys above 20 wear jeans in pink or green or have their floral shirts unbuttoned up to their belly buttons? Or is it appropriate at all to have your shirt opened in any working environment that deals with customers directly? Is it pleasing to know that your customer just took an eyeful of your entire abdomen (of just skin and bones may I add again)?
I do believe that men CAN wear skinny jeans… but let’s not make it a habit of it and wear it everywhere. It’s only suitable for casual occasions and for boys – NOT men! page1













You can wear the skinny jeans (albeit not too tight that you walk on like a cowboy) try to go for more demure colors like denim-washed, black or greys. Pair them with a proper T-shirt or Shirt (buttoned up!) Try working the dark-over-light look; a white t-shirt over an acid washed /dark colored denim jeans OR vice versa. And ditch the over accessorizing, go for one accessory like a chain on your wrist or if you still want to wear the necklace make it a leather one with a simple pendant. page2page 3page4






































The basic point is; wear your skinnies and floral shirts but don’t over do it. In fact, don’t over do any look! Play with a style subtly to achieve the best results ;)

What do you think of skinny jeans? Are you a fan of them? Would you wear them? And what do you think of Maldivian men’s street style? Share your thoughts :) !

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