I’m Twisted Inside & Out!

So it’s been quiet a while since I posted here. Have been crazy busy working my back off on my beachwear designs. And while it’s never an easy road to score a satisfactory client base, I’m built to never-give-up! But how about you guys? What have you been up to? Whatever it is… I hope you all have been werking it fashionably! ;) Having said that here’s a new outfit post. (Long due though!) Some months ago (yes… long overdue!) I sew up a cream colored jersey top and had to document it with pictures (and of course a blog post) This piece is made to look like as if the fabric has been twisted loosely around one’s body. The twisted top is quite popular these days, and I believe is a versatile piece that can be worn to different occasions. It’s twisted at the front with a simple back and long sleeves. You can wear it with possibly any kind of jewelry, go for a boho look  if you like – with an eclectic mix of bangles and intricate cocktail rings. Pair it with a big hat on a sunny day (Ideal Coachella look ! ) wear it with jeans or denim shorts! Or a long simple skirt ! The possibilities are endless I believe! If you want to get one made then mail me here info@famushu(dot)com or simply try this style and let me know how you worked it! ;)

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Go Pastel!

The Oscars have definitely sealed the pastel trend of this year. It was as though a whole box of sugary sweet macarons from Laduree was rolling down the red carpet! Penelope Cruz, Camilla Alves and Jada Pinkett Smith looked graceful in soft blush-hued pinks. Lady Gaga surprised me, she didn’t pull off one of those popping-out-an-egg-alien or riding-on-a-human-horse stunts! While the star of the evening was definitely Lupita, in a blue pastel gown. She has already won the fashion crowd and now she’s got the Oscar’s gold man in her hands for the best supporting actress.  Pastel hues have been frequently spotted on the runways for a while and lately it has become a popular trend. Prabal Gurung’s recent spring summer show was dominated with pastel looks. There are a variety of hues to choose from, and it suits most skin colors and to most occasions.

images from here
article-2571620-1BFA806700000578-200_470x711 article-0-1BFB871100000578-542_634x872 article-2571652-1BFA1FE900000578-359_310x730 article-2571652-1BFBB04C00000578-517_310x713

Skinny Jeans Nightmare on the Streets of Male’! (Well…all around Maldives)

I’ve been longing to post on the local street style for quiet some time now. Alors! This time my observation is on the Maldivian men’s fashion, more specifically the ‘skinny jeans flock’.
It appears that our opposite sex has taken a great liking for skinny jeans; and that too: skinny jeans in bright shocking colors. The tight stretchable denim wrapped around their tiny wobbly little limbs like a second skin makes them look no less than the men from medieval times (a somewhat starved version of it as well). And believe me boys; that style should be left for the theatrics on stage! And while you are whizzing away on your ‘blades’ you look nothing close to cool. The skinny nightmare doesn’t end here; it prevails with the men preferring to pair their tight jeans with shirts printed with feminine floral motifs, unbuttoned up to their navels revealing a starved physique of just skin and bones; their hair either puffed up to an Afro, styled into spikes with strange looking mullet /tails of hair on the back of their heads or long frizzy and disheveled hair falling from their shoulders. They have also taken a great deal of effort to accessorize with chains around their wrists, silver necklaces and dangling earrings. I feel terribly sorry for those guys who go for this look.skinny jeans Maldives

However, halfway through my denial of this trend I am trying to empathize and understand exactly why they prefer to go for such a radical look that does not appeal the least. Men have a few style options and looks they could go for compared to women. They cannot play with colors like us or work a short skirt (for the straights at least) unlike us who can work the masculine look (of a pair of suit and pants) and still look ultra powerful. Perhaps our Maldivian male counterparts have joined their ‘fashion forces’ to work a look that challenges the street style of Maldives: To stand out from the crowd and perhaps to create a unique kind of cool?

But should guys above 20 wear jeans in pink or green or have their floral shirts unbuttoned up to their belly buttons? Or is it appropriate at all to have your shirt opened in any working environment that deals with customers directly? Is it pleasing to know that your customer just took an eyeful of your entire abdomen (of just skin and bones may I add again)?
I do believe that men CAN wear skinny jeans… but let’s not make it a habit of it and wear it everywhere. It’s only suitable for casual occasions and for boys – NOT men! page1













You can wear the skinny jeans (albeit not too tight that you walk on like a cowboy) try to go for more demure colors like denim-washed, black or greys. Pair them with a proper T-shirt or Shirt (buttoned up!) Try working the dark-over-light look; a white t-shirt over an acid washed /dark colored denim jeans OR vice versa. And ditch the over accessorizing, go for one accessory like a chain on your wrist or if you still want to wear the necklace make it a leather one with a simple pendant. page2page 3page4






































The basic point is; wear your skinnies and floral shirts but don’t over do it. In fact, don’t over do any look! Play with a style subtly to achieve the best results ;)

What do you think of skinny jeans? Are you a fan of them? Would you wear them? And what do you think of Maldivian men’s street style? Share your thoughts :) !

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The Maximum out of Minimum with Timeless Lace

I’m pretty sure that every seamstress/ tailor wishes to have infinite yards of fabric to work on, so that they could screw up multiple times without regrets to experiment on different techniques and patterns. But the most unfortunate and cold hard truth is that we have to manage with what we have.
It was one of my ‘Friday-cleaning-days’ and whilst in the middle of rummaging and sorting my chaotic cupboards full of fabric and sequins; I came across a bundle of white lace that I had cut up for a dress a couple of years back. I decided to start working on it again. The design I had chose back then was a very simple summer dress. I thought it would be challenging to make something different out of the fabric that was already cut. And there wasn’t much fabric to work on. It was tricky and I had to make sure  I placed my patterns right and used the maximum out of the minimum fabric that I had.
Of course I always start by brainstorming for designs and sketch them up before picking the right one  to sew. Lace is such a classic that it’s still every designers fave. This season (spring summer 2014) Burberry and Valentino, to name a few, executed impeccable lace outfits. lavecy
Women have fallen in love with this dainty fabric ever since the 16th century when it started to become more available. Different intricate designs were introduced by John Heathcoat who invented the bobbin net machine in 1768. Fashion and trends have evolved greatly that there’s a bevvy of styles we could choose from today. pic1







For this outfit, I was inspired to use some current trends, such as the raglan sleeve, illusion-style ; where the pattern and use of colors gives the impression of a silhouette within the dress. And of course lace!pic2
To achieve a slimming effect I used black on the sides of the body and balanced the color on the sleeves and collar. The lace, I’ve used to give different textural effects. The dress is all about balancing the strong and soft. Strong being the monochromatic colors or solid black and soft being the dainty floral lace.

So! How about you ? Would you wear lace? And how would you wear it? :)

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Valentino and Burberry Prorsum images from Style.com

Sheer Sleeves, Sheer Joy!

Oh I wouldn’t want to start with how much I wish to be at the fashion week in Milan right now. The tasteful clothes; the embellished socks from Prada! The ‘sterilized petals’ from Christopher Kane! I’ve been following the reviews (and photos) of all the shows from Style.com (not to mention teary eyed and smiling with joy at the same time). I would go on a limb here to say that Fashion to me is not just clothes it’s a form of art ( art’s third cousin perhaps). The way designers present their clothes, playing with color, mixing different patterns and sewing techniques and how deep they go into dissecting their concept and visualizing it not only for the onlookers but convincing the buyers that these art pieces can in fact be wearable ; is purely beautiful and makes me emotional! Alas, I shall stop here with my emotional tete-a-tete and give you fashionistas a brief of the trends that have come to fore this season:

Sheer Sleeves are Sheer Joy
I must admit that the trends this season seem to be a continuation of the past seasons. The use of sheer paneling and non-promiscuous exposure of the human body parts through sheer fabrics were equally beautiful and poetic. Designers like Victoria Beckham , Lacoste and Calvin Klein highlighted the midriffs of models through sheer fabric, with panels in solid colors that barely covered their busts. Though Phillip Plein, Blumarine and even Lacoste presented elegant sheer sleeves, that were more practical for the working woman.
I was quite inspired to make my own, as I believe that a blouse with sheer sleeves can be either worn to a semi casual meeting or an evening dinner. I used black jersey knit for the bodice and black sheer stretchable net for the sleeves to give two different textures and for a pop of color I used a bright floral printed fabric for the folds.

page one page numero















More Cut Outs
Cut outs are here to stay, aye? And the obvious answer is …yes. The geometric cuts contrasted with beautiful digital prints at Peter Pilotto. And the sensuous ones seen at Cushnie et Ochs was certainly desirable.







Raglan Sleeves!
With the sweatshirts and round shouldered silhouettes came the raglan sleeve. Looks like the sporty vibe hasn’t left yet. Tommy Hilfiger for one, did an excellent job with the sports look exhibiting a fresh and energetic collection. And I’m already planning to cut up an outfit with a raglan sleeve!








The shoes have somehow taken a different turn, and a flat turn at that. Gone were the pointy heels this season was all about comfort.







I will be updating more on the fashion week! But the ultimate question is…which of the trends would you sport today?

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Welcome to Gaga’s fashionland!

Would you sport these glasses?

At just 27 Gaga has already become a household name, not only for her singing but also for her weird yet captivating choice in fashion. Remember the meat dress which she wore to 2010 MTV VMA’s? It’s 2013 and people are still talking about it! Lately, I’ve been noticing her new sunglasses which she wore to meet her fans. These kaleidoscope glasses are impeccably cool to any onlooker. They just seem to transport the wearer into a sci-fi / fantasy world. And by that I mean literally, ‘cos the wearers image is split into different multiple images – the frames are crafted into multi faceted crystals instead of the regular flat ones – resulting in a psychedelic and trippy version of the world. I’d give you a pat on the shoulders if you could walk a straight line wearing those. As trippy as it is, I sure want to give it a try! They look too cool to resist! And I might give them up if fall onto the ground head first! The designers of these glasses known as Holes have a range of different styles from goggles to john Lennon style round frames. And have you seen the bubble blowing dress she wore recently? Just fabulous! What do you think?   images from here article-0-1B930531000005DC-357_634x929

article-2405876-1B85D91E000005DC-846_634x685Lady Gaga is a Modern Pilgrim in NYC - Part 2kaleidoscope_glasses18kaleidoscope_glasses5

Miley Cyrus and More from 2013 VMA fashion!

I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before we see gifs of Miley on Tumblr and Facebook , twerking in her latex underwear (Wait…I bet they are already up!) Apart from the Miley Nightmare from the 2013 MTV Video Music Award’s things seemed pretty ‘VMA-normal’ when considering performances, appearances on stage and last but not the least the fashion! A large number of celebrities walked the red carpet in fashionable outfits flaunting their best assets. Singer and actress Selena Gomez was one wowzer at the event in her midnight blue Atelier Versace gown; with a peek-a-boo lace bustier detail and metal clasp lining which also traced a thigh high slit in the gown.  While Lil Kim’s black perforated skin tight suit left me speechless (the Hollywood fashion faux-pas also remind me of our ‘Mollywood stars’ and their unique fashion choices) Katy Perry’s bejeweled grills and wild printed number from Emanuelle Ungaro made quiet a roar. R&B singer Ciara captured the attention with her sheer Givenchy gown, she looked ethereal and absolutely elegant as sequins outlined her body in an artistic fashion and white feathers grazed the red carpet. I think the outfit was very contemporary not too sexy, but artistic and she let her hair fall on her shoulders which made the look even more appealing.  As usual Taylor Swift scored a 10/10 at the event with a skin tight midnight blue gown (was she coordinating colors with her bestie Selena?) and hair styled in soft loose curls. Ellie Goulding surprised me as she wore a beautiful nude colored gown with studs (but I wondered if it was comfortable sitting on them?) I loved the Smith siblings Willow and Jaden, they were just too cool for school! Miley chose to wear a vintage Dolce and Gabbana for the event (and what’s up with your tongue Miley?!) And that’s a wrap folks! Who were your faves and who do you think failed-to-flaunt? All images from here

article-2401980-1B7675FE000005DC-676_634x453article-2401927-1B7653A7000005DC-334_470x773article-2401927-1B764C97000005DC-364_310x820article-2401927-1B765FD8000005DC-667_310x806 article-2402103-1B76481C000005DC-746_634x1053 article-2401927-1B7629A0000005DC-746_470x740 article-2401927-1B763698000005DC-416_964x661 article-2401927-1B762ED7000005DC-731_310x565




Took some time off to sketch a little…and voila ! Came up with this rough sketch (sketched on paper, scanned and  colored with photoshop)
Hope you guys will like it ;) More fashion sketches to come in future! It’s been so long!


Skort Me Away!

Would You Sport the ‘Skort’ ? The hybrid of a skirt and short was popular in the 90′s. Who would have thought that the skort could make a comeback in the year 2013! But we’ve been seeing so many 90′s influences lately (like the dungarees, denim cut offs and cropped tops) that a skort trend reunion is no surprise!

So would you sport the ‘Skort’ trend?

pics via pintrest,fashion land, shout out to you and zara

2393254712_2_5_1Outfit-nike-air-max-zara-black-skort fashion landskort.jpg4

Carolina Kurkova sports a bright mini skort

Carolina Kurkova sports a bright mini skort

Spring Summer 2014 Men!

Now, did You think Famushu would leave out the men!

Men today, have become accustomed to more simpler methods of dressing up and fashion’s evolved into minimalism. Where men once spent many laborious hours dressing up in several layers of garments (In the Victorian era a gentleman’s dress essentials were a coat,vest and hat…one would be considered naked if seen without them!) has become a rare sight in the 21st century. But perhaps the beauty (‘in the modern world’) lies in practicality along with comfort and a contemporary sense of style.

Our opposite sex makes a strong demand for Comfort more than Style (I bet there’s no woman who will deny the sacrifices we’ve made to the former)Despite the evolution of the carefree ‘modern man’ designers from Milan and Paris have contributed a tasteful array of styles in a variety of colors in their men’s wear collections (even the introduction of accessories like ‘murses’ (men’s purse)! )

So our carefree ‘modern men’ CAN dress up still… though not in the suit and vest (at least for most occasions) but fashionably! (can our men make a run for women’s fashion?!)

Let’s take a look at the highlights/trends of this year’s Spring Summer Men’s Collections.

Got the Blues!

From cobalts to prussian blue, different blue tones were used in almost every collection this year. Either a head-to-toe all blue look from Christopher Kane to a zipper jacket in faded blue from Jonathan Saunders; there was a variety of styles to chose from or to inspire an ensemble. I personally loved the sketchy wave prints used by Kenzo which was part of their concept build-up of young American surfers.                                                                                                                                                                               _KEN0062.450x675                                                           


Prints tend to be tricky when used for men’s wear, it requires a balance when styling as well. Always go for a solid color when pairing with a printed outfit. However, some have risked head-to-toe prints, which can be either suitable for certain occasions or if you want to pull off a certain look. I loved Issay Miyake’s abstract technique in showing florals (which has become a popular trend for men’s fashion) His use of silk screen prints on black dyed fabric and batik prints that were so vibrant and refreshing. Dries Van Noten on the other hand took the floral fashion quite literally, his prints were …very Dries…organic colors with an Asian influence. And apart from Dolce and Gabbana’s show stopping streaker who cheerfully stripped on the runway, the Italian designers gave an even more showstopping presentation of prints inspired by Greek gods like Zeus and Apollo. Powerful mythical characters and a powerful architectural history left behind were put in modern prints._VIE7424.450x675



 Suit Up!

Simply put : A suit is an essential for every modern man! ;) suit up
















accessorizeA polka dotted scarf ? flower printed bags? This year feminine elements are popular  in men’s wear…and it hardly makes the man look any less ‘manly’. The Grecian inspired sandals by Dolce and Gabbana and shoes with a woven impression looked comfortable and stylish. Leather hand bags and round sunglasses were also prominent accessories this season.

_D7Q0334.450x675 _VIE7698.450x675